Avatarfest 2016 is almost upon us and the region is almost full with the exhibitions and stages are being prepared for performers. Now that the dust has settled and my build is on the region and with only minor things left to do I have some time to write about my contribution to AvatarFest 2016.


As a relative newcomer to the Opensim community and virtual worlds its very interesting and exciting to take part in things like AvatarFest. To be returning this year and contributing is a huge honor. To build something and then place it on a region with some of the most creative and inspiring builders, performers and role playing communities from across the hypergrid is incredible.

What am I showing this year

When thinking about what to show this year I knew there was only one thing that I wanted to show and that was a variation on the region that I put together as part of the Masters studies. Then deciding on the structure to fit the plot size on the region was the trickiest part of the process. I started with a platform based structure with stairs and ramps but this was not working out. My next step was the select some activities from the region and bring the structure and the activities together.

Then it came to me, "remember at college when we had to built in a 20x20m box" and that became my inspiration.


The build

The exhibit is a condensed version of a full region that can be found on the Lighthouse Point Grid (see below for hypergrid address).

grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:LHP Awareness

On the front of the exhibit you will find a notecard (touch the flag to receive the notecard) in either, English, German and French that gives an over view of the exhibit. Thank you for the kindness and help with the translations of the notecards, Eryn Galen who did the German notecard and Nicole charest who did the French notecard.


Leighton Marjoram – Diversity and equality training for counsellors and psychotherapists using virtual worlds.

My exhibit this year at AvatarFest is based on a region that I constructed as part of my Masters course at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK. The aim was to build a working example of virtual world educational experience.
The exhibit is split into two levels on the ground floor there are various interactive activities Videos, research papers and a quiz bot that can be found on the built region. Upstairs is an interactive time line for key LGBT moments in history.
On the back of the exhibit is a glossary game that was scripted by Aine Caoimhe the aim of the game is to match the word with its definition. You can find more information about the project on the website here:
There will be a landmark giver if you would like to visit the region via the hypergrid (HG).

Inside the build there are a selection of the activities taken from the region. The aim of the region is to start a discussion about sexuality and gender in counselling practice. As a Social Constructivist environment the activities are starting points rather than knowledge to be acquired, learnt and then applied in a test to see how much you know. It is an open invitation to talk about sex, sexuality and gender.


Outside the build there are posters and linked images to web resources for further information and my favourite piece the glossary game. All the activites are explained on the project website ( here ).



There are many performances over the festival and to see them in a list select the agenda button on the top right this will then show the performances in an easy to read format.

How to visit


  1. You will need an account on a hypergrid enabled grid ( Metropolis , OSGrid , Kitely , Francogrid or Zetaworlds to mention only three of many).
  2. Download a viewer (if you do not have one installed) Firestorm viewer or the Alchemy viewer .
  3. Login to the viewer with your grid details from step one. Once you are logged in enter the following address avatarfest.net:6000 into the map (ctrl+m) and teleport

AvatarFest promo videos

I have created two videos taken at different points (only about a week apart) to help promote the festival. They were great fun to make.

Video one

Video two


Congratulations to everyone involved with AvatarFest 2016 and if you have chance I highly recommend you come over and help us all celebrate the diversity and strength of the hypergrid community. If you have a post about AvatarFest 2016 let me know and I can add it to the list below.

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