On the 23rd September to 30th October the third annual AvatarFest 2017 will begin where there will be performers and exhibitors from across the Opensim hypergrid and the metaverse. Congratulations everyone taking part this year the region is looking amazing and the builds are incredible.

For the third time I will be taking part with an exhibit based on a region from the Lighthouse Point (LHP) Grid called "VW Basic Skills". Similar to last year this years build is educationally focused and the exhibit includes a small selection of the activities from the full region on LHP.

The first few times in a virtual world can be a daunting and difficult experience the purpose of the region is to mitigate this by using interactive group activities to teach the basic skills of; navigation. communication, interaction with objects and avatars and some basic building skills.

If you are wondering what to expect here is a video from last year.

If you would like to join in the celebration or find out some more information about the exhibits and the performers for the opening weekend check the AvatarFest website and the Google+ community group.