Hypergrid addresses (both OSgrid and Metropolis):

With the Easter holidays come the egg hunts and this year Opensim had an amazing dinosaur egg hunt on the Metropolis grid by Ange and Nani. They have done many hunts before although I missed most of them I am glad that I did not miss this one. At the bi weekly coffee and chat with Sunbeam Magic and others we headed over to the hunt and it was so much fun (google+ post by Sunbeam.

There are two halves to the hunt the first being to collect all the ingredients for a potion (you will need to get the HUD and stand by the character at the landing point) and the second half is made up of seven lost lands that you have to collect one magical egg and avoid the "bad eggs". The bad eggs will kill you and return you to the landing point for that land. The scripting is subtle and the use of space is incredible. I wont give too much away as that will spoil the surprise.

I was so amazed by this hunt that I decided to make a video to remember the region and hunt as there is a time limit and then the region will be taken down, so hurry and get your hunt on.

Music for the video
Dark Fog Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License