This weeks HG Safari visited two destinations and both places hold something special in different ways for me. Sanctuary and Edl2 the gate hub of the Opensim metaverse was one of the first places that I visited often in my early days in Opensim to find my way around. Opensim Life is my second home in Opensim where I have a region called Buglebourg.


Hypergrid adresses

  • island

Eld2 Sanctuary grid

We started our tour over on the Edl2 region of Shaun Emeralds grid Sanctuary which many of the tourites had visited before and it felt reminiscent of a familiar friend to all of us. Shaun was unable to be with us for our stop over and Tosha Tyran spoke to us about the region and the chat was about our experiences of the region and the grid.


The layout of the region has a natural, earthy and reflective feel and the floating islands is a nice feature that suits the purpose of the region. You land in a house on the ground level of the region with a teleporter to the gates outside on the dock.


Whilst there I managed to create a short video of the region which was fun to film and the region was lag free considering the number of scripted objects on the region that is an achievement, kudos to Shaun.

Inspiration Island

After checking out some of the amazing gates and where they led to we headed over to Ispiration Island to meet up with SingerGirl and the gang.


For this part of the tour I only managed to stay for the first part where SingerGirl gave us a condensed version of the Xanadu opening party that rocked just like it did at the opening.


At this point the rest of the group went on to explore the Opensim Life expo region and playd Primtionary (see the link above to Thirza's weekly tour blog for more details of the rest of the tour). I highly recommend going to check out what Singer is doing over on Inspiration island you will surely be inspired to be creative.


There is a video as well for this part of the tour but at the time of writing this the editing is not done yet. But fear not dear readers a video of the opening of Xanadu and grand reopening of Insipration Island on the Opensim Life grid was made.