With summer drawing away from view the HG Safari are back and with my unsuccessful week one I decided to upgrade my PC with some more RAM to see if it will be able to cope with safari's going forward. I teleported over to the HG Safari region on Francogrid and met up with some Safaristas and I got the landmarks for the weeks tour. Then without further a do we jumped to our first stop on the tour.

The first region we visited was the Futurelab and South Horizon regions on the Metropolis grid where we meet with Art Blue and Juliette Surrealdreaming and after teleporting to the stage area we all settled and the performance began. I enjoyed this part of the visit as I am not that familiar with Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson and how relevant it is taking present reality into consideration. Definitely a book I will be getting from Amazon and reading (or wait for the movie on Netflix and order a super fast pizza from the Deliverator).

The second part of the tour I missed and returned to the region to visit the other parts (the Song of Solomon and In The Green). Moving from the spoken word to the visual we are presented with two installations with much to see. The Song of Solomon is filled with Art based on the love of the women for her man with a scripture verse (art is a subjective thing and personally this installation screams heteronormativity but the art is full of colour and a sense of motion so the context is less relevant to me).

The In The Green by Norton Lykin which takes its inspiration from a conversation about "the descriptions of perceptions and non-attachment". This installation for me was more evocative and thought provoking and while looking around you get a sense of how perceptions are layered and how to world is taken in through the eyes and then stored over time. I am a visual person so this for me ticked all the boxes for me.

With a little break I rejoined the tour over on the Opensim Life grid where a welcome back party for the premier hypergrid fairy and Visionz magazine editor in chief Sunbeam Magic was in full swing. Bill Blight from the Opensim Life grid done an amazing job hosting the party allowing people to interact, chat and dance without lag. Everything from the environment with an incredible use of lighting and materials; to the wonderful singing of Singer Girl with backing singers all perched on top of glowing and particled mushrooms; it was incredible.

If you would like to join the Safari on its weekly adventures head over to the Francogrid region on Wednesdays (8pm GMT, 12pm SLT) it is fun but it can be demanding on your computer. Each week after the tour Thirza Ember writes up the tour which I highly recommend you give a read as there is a huge archive of previous tours.

Below are the hypergrid addresses for the regions including the starting HG Safari region on Francogrid.
grid.opensim.life:8002:fairy sunbeams

I took many more pictures than I have included here and have made a Flickr album and the slideshow is below.

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