Herer is my part 4 of my shopping in Opensim series (part one, part two and part three can be found here) for your delectation. Part four is a veritable cornucopia of freebie shopping that will keep you busy for a little while. All the hypergrid addresses can be found at the end of the post. Any corrections please leave me a comment.

So lets start our shopping trip. First up is Adachi on the Metropolis grid.

Adachi: Metropolis

Adachi: Metropolis


Oni Kiri brings us this region that is full to the brim with goodies of an adult nature and the range and quality is phenomenal. The region is atmospheric and well designed with a BDSM/kink aesthetic. One thing that I noticed when visiting and revisiting this region is that there always seems to be friendly people about.

You will find animations, free mesh objects, furniture and clothing for you to try out. Check out the shops and the club and the dancefloor. There are events so keep an eye for announcements and posters when you visit.

Kinky Hub: OSGrid

Lotek Ixtar has created a wonderfully atmospheric region to bring us the latest in OS collar goodness. You can find collars and attachments and other things here there is also some teleporters to other adult themed regions if you feel adventurous.

"HQ of the OsCollar project, a port of OpenCollar. This region also has various adult related creations and an adult destination portal. Open collar opencollar RLV (Restrained Love Viewer) life bdsm sub master mistress freebie freebies gloebit"

Ozone: OSGrid

Spax Orion is the creator of this adult and space themed region, you arrive at a space station and to find your way around find the teleport pads. You will find the club, shop, NPC lab and many other exciting goodies. There are a mixture of freebies and things to purchase from the Kitely shop.

"SimGEAR Space Port Featuring a State of the Art Night Club, Diner, Photo Studio, Freebies, Naughty BITS for your Avatar and MORE! LGBT Friendly. No child avatars. See the hottest lightshow on the hypergrid!"

Free Life Country: Opensim Life Grid

The next two regions are onwed by the same person Victor DeAngelo and you will not believe the staggering amount of free content between these two regions. I managed to have a chat with Victor and the overall sense that I got was free and sharing is what Opensim means to them. You will find things from mesh avatars to cars, to furniture to avatar eyes and everything else in between.

"Free Life Country is simply the small town version of the more modern Free Life Estates...both are intended to provide a nice selection of free items as well as free homes and parcels to qualified residents"

Free Life Estates: Lost Paradise

I would be honored if you would accept my personal invitation to visit my Free Life Estates siim in the Lost Paradise. As owner and mayor of the sim, it would be my pleasure to have you visit, enjoy the many free items that are available, and come back often as well.

Having come from another virtual world previously where there was a similar economy like OS and SL, I was happy to find a place where creative people share their inventory with each other for free. I am now a strong supporter of OS being a free economy.

Good Region: Lost Paradise Grid

johnnyB Good (group owned) has created a freebie rich environment that is just staggering, you can pretty much everything here. Dont forget to look up as well there are a few dragons you can fly around on whilst your inventory catches up. This region is huge, I mean huge so be careful with your draw distance.

"Welcome to the Good Region - you will be able to take a copy of most items on our region. Thanks to the many creators who freely share. We honor them by making their works available here as they have given them to us."

Cerise: Francogrid

Cherry Manga (Cerise group) brings us yet another amazing free resource for Opensim bringing together some of the most well known names in the Opensim creator cohort. You will find all manner of things here from full avatars to jewellery. jeans and jackets and many other goodies. The use of space and design is exceptional.

"Original content freebies by Cherry Manga, and assets from TF3DM, Turbosquid, Archive3D. Many wonders by hypergrid creators such as Taarna Welles, Aaack Aardvark, Max Hill, Aine Caoimhe, Shelby Moonlight and many others."


That brings us to the end of our shopping adventure we started on Adachi on the Metropolis grid and then headed over to Kinky Hub and Ozone on OSGrid. We then shifted up a gear and went to Free Life Country and Free Life Estates on Opensim Life Grid and Lost Paradise grid respectively. If that wasnt enough we then headed to the Good Region also on Lost Paradise Grid and finshed up our adventure on Cerise on the Francogrid.

If you would like to check these places out here are the hypergrid addresses and the links to their Opensim World pages:

My next post will be a visit to some of the Gloebits shopping places that are opening up at a far old pace.

Gran Entertainment Zangrid

Online resources

As well as visiting inworld places you can also find some great resources for a range of things on the web, here are a few of my go to websites and resources when I am trying to create something.

  • Outworldz - a script library, textures, IAR and OAR downloads and much, much more
  • Opensimworld - a resource for finding OpenSim regions, including shopping destinations
  • Zadaroo - an online archive of Linda Kellie‚Äôs CC0-licensed content, including IAR and OAR files
  • Kitely Market - Purchase content that you need and get it delivered to your avatar on any of over 165 different OpenSim grids
  • Metropolis freebie search tool - Search for content on the Metropolis grid