A couple of days ago was "talk like a pirate day" and this weeks HG Safari tour (week 157) was pirate themed. When I arrived at the HG safari region on Francogrid the range of pirate outfits was impressive. With a slug of grog we started our adventure.

The first visit was to a region called "pssmg sea" and on the Dereos grid however we were plagued with rough seas and were taking on water fast. Problems happen with the hypergrid and Opensim that cannot be foreseen until people start to arrive. I went back today to get some pictures and this is where I got my pirate outfit from Wednesday night. I highly recommend going to visit.

After trying to get to the first region I took a little break and met up with the safari on the Pirates Atoll region on Digiworldz by Strannik Zipper. The visit consisted of three activities. To being we were treated to a reading of Moby Dick Emil Jannings.

After the reading we headed out with Strannik on a tour of the Attoll, starting with a tour of the village that surrounds the lagoon on the region. Then under water we searched for sunken treasure and swam with the fishes. Concluding the tour we visited Strannik's work space where we took a group picture together aboard a boat.

To rest our weary pirate avatars Strannik entertained us with a DJ set and impressive visuals we partied and danced together. With a swish of my cutlass my adventures came to an end and my mind begins to prepare for more adventures next week.

HG addresses

  • PSSMG seaside steampunk mall [hg.dereos.80:pssmg sea]

  • Strannik Zipper's pirate region [login.digiworldz.com:8002:pirates atoll]

Flickr album for tour [157]

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