Tangle Grid is currently running a Steampunk themed expo which has been open since the 27th August and will be running until the 24th September so you still have time to head on over and check it out. One of my favorite things was that the expo region has Gloebits enabled I need no encouragement to shop and I got a few items for my Buglebourg region.

HG Address: tanglegrid.net:8002:Expo Isle

Reading through google+ posts I came across a post by Elbereth Elentari talking about the Steampunk expo on the Tangle grid which I had no idea was running.

Steampunk this month has been stalking me like the Victorian looking mustached man that Elbereth Elentari on Google+ warns about (here). To quote from Elbereths post:

"Currently the STEAM expo is powering along, a quirky array of pseudo-Victorian-mechanical creations, builds and fashion to blow your mind."

"Beautifully landscaped to enhance the overall sensation of stepping into an alternate universe, the environs can be best appreciated using one of your viewers vintage or sepia sky settings."

There are three areas on the ground level and hovering just above the expo area is an impressive Steampunk build that was fun to explore. In the covered area you will find all manner of steam inspired mechanical machines, information about expos, the expo gallery and the Karma Asylum. Heading outside there are some larger objects from a range of creators and then the Steam city which is well built, immersive and every now and again a steam train moves through the city so hang around to see that.

Tangle Grid Events calendar

Below is the grid events calendar so you can keep an eye open for future expos on Tangle.