Here we are again dear Visionista's another article is upon us and this month I will take you back into September and then forward into the month of October for all things Halloween. This time of year is marked by all things virtually ghoulish and this year is not different.

To coin a phrase from a famous song “let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start”. I have an announcement that this will be my last article for the Visionz magazine. More about this later in the article.

My second announcement, well less of an announcement and more like a reveal. This month’s wonderful Halloween inspired avatar is the 'Alice asylum' mesh avatar by Cherry Manga (location in the destinations list below.


  •'s Playground
  • Hallows Plaza

Oktoberfest on Next life

Although this finished about a week ago the region is still up and it is wonderful to visit.


There are so many fun fair rides and things to see here and a word of warning to people that have poor balance don’t try and follow your avatar with your eyes things move really quickly. That being sad this region is well built and I experienced very little lag.


AvatarFest 2016

I managed to attend two of the three days and it was an amazing example of the hypergrid and Opensim communities coming together and working on a joint event.


There were so many performances over the weekend and there was a high standard of builds for the exhibits.

The Avatarfest region is still open to visitors for the rest of October and some of the builds maybe moving over to Kitely, a kind offer by Selby Evans. Thank you to everyone involved you did an amazing job the second Avatarfest was a huge success.

during the weekend festivities I managed to put together a couple of videos of my day. I completely missed the second day so no video for that day.

Day one @ AvatarFest 2016

FirstDay Avatarfest 2016 from Leighton Marjoram on Vimeo.

Day three @ AvatarFest 2016

Sunday at Avatarfest2016 from Leighton Marjoram on Vimeo.

The next two destinations are Halloween inspired with that coming up at the end of the month. Each day it seems on Google+ there is another message about a grid or region for Halloween but with the publication of Visionz happening early in the month many of the regions are still being prepared.

Devil’s Playground on Lost World

If you are looking for spooky and atmospheric then this is the region to visit. You land just outside the castle, before heading there let’s take a look around the grounds.

Just behind me I noticed something hanging in the tree, as I moved nearer I saw a lady convulsing in what looked like a spider’s web. My spook alarm has officially been triggered.

Moving up to the main building on this region I explored the blood drenched house and horrible scenes of death. The spooky saw doll on a tricycle and the general feel of this build is dark.

I sat by the fire to calm my jangling nerves and then noticed this …

Devil at Devils Playground

Well worth checking this out and exploring the region as there many other things to see here. Before I start to resemble the avatar I am in I will move on to the last place, an event region still being prepared on OSGrid called All Hallows Plaza.

All Hallows Plaza on OSGrid

While out getting my images for this article, as I was exploring the region to get a sense of it I bumped into the editor in chief, Sunbeam Magic. Great minds must think alike.

This region is still under construction and looks like it will be for an event near the end of the month. When you arrive you will find some freebie outfits for last minute avatar costume options.

Freebie costumes All Hallows Plaza OSGrid

Walking on from here and over the bridge to your left is a spooky as hell, green neon crypt. In real life like in virtual worlds I find these places really creepy. They feel like places the living should never go or expect good things to happen.

Sppoky crypt All Hallows Plaza OSGrid

Leaving the creepy crypt behind us we head towards the event space and I decided to check out what it would feel like to DJ a party.


We have been to four regions, two being events that have already happened and two for the upcoming Halloween celebrations later in the month. I highly recommend you take a trip out and see them. Now to return to something that I mentioned at the beginning of the article and this being my last article for Visionz.

As some of you may know I am a therapist/counsellor in real life and a budding social researcher focusing on virtual worlds. Those things are going to increase with the demands on my time and for this reason I am leaving Visionz this month. I have enjoyed writing my articles for the magazine as I am a passionate user of Opensim and the hypergrid. I will still be blogging about Opensim on my blog and this will allow me to work without a deadline.

You are an amazing team of people and hope to stay connected to Visionz, maybe contributing some guest pieces. Thank you all you are amazing and I hope the readers found my articles interesting to read. Stay fabulous and stay curious.